18 December, 2019

It’s Not Okay to Be White. How Dare They!

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(Above: Greta “How Dare You!” Thunberg)

It’s okay to be Black.
It’s okay to be Brown.
It’s okay to be Asian.
It’s okay to be Jewish.
It’s okay to be a homosexual (oops, I mean “gay”).
It’s okay to be an illegal alien (oops, I mean “an undocumented worker”).
It’s okay to be a retard (I mean “mentally challenged”).
It’s okay to be a bum (I mean “a homeless person”).
It’s okay to “change” your sex.

But it’s NOT okay to be White. Being White is like being Lenin, Stalin and Ted Bundy all at once. What crime did White people commit? They gave the world to mankind. They even invented democracy and the concept of free speech. Those are serious crimes. How dare they!


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