7 December, 2019

Say “No” to Liberal Democracy. It’s Destroying the Western World

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“National Populism is not an outlier or fluke. It is not merely a response to the Great Recession, austerity or the refugee crisis of 2014 and following. Rather, the sundry and varied movements stalking the West—and really the entire globe—are connected and symptomatic of larger economic, political and cultural dynamics largely hidden at a subterranean level within the body politic, gestating over the course of several decades and now erupting to the surface.”

(Furthermore, the West didn’t defeat Marxism. While it did kill regular Marxism, an even deadlier form of it — Cultural Marxism — now plagues the West. Cultural Marxism is deadlier because it needs no government to install it or practice it. Anyone can use it as a cultural weapon: teachers, the media, Hollywood, advertising and marketing companies, anybody. In fact, Cultural Marxism must be banned by law before it destroys all of the Western countries. Why hasn’t it been banned? Good question. Why not?).


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