9 January, 2020

The Australia Brush Fires and Global Warming/Climate Change Hysteria

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It’s true that Australia has had a three-year drought. But droughts are not unusual. There were droughts 10,000 years ago. Why are there brush fires now which have lasted for months? The media blames “climate change” — of course! It always does. But what’s the real cause of the fires? Two things, really. First, asshole humans have caused 85% of them, either on purpose or by accident.

According to a pie chart by the Australian Institute of Criminology [1], only 6% of brushfires in Australia are “natural” (e.g., lightening). The rest are caused by asshole humans, either on purpose (arson/suspicious, 50%) or accidently (careless campfires, chainsaws, discarded cigarettes, etc., 35%; the rest are “other” and “re-ignition” of a prior fire).

Second, Australia, like California, has adopted green Marxism-as-environmental-policy. That makes brush fires more likely to occur, and also much worse as well.

So much for “global warming” or “climax change” (heh, heh) causing the fires. In other words, without asshole humans behaving like total butt-heads, Australia would not be engulfed in flames right now and cute little koalas wouldn’t be getting roasted. Green Marxists, like regular Marxists, are dangerous fools who have no business running, or advising, governments.

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