4 February, 2020

More on the 1945/1946 Nuremberg Trials of Nazi Leaders (i.e., the Jew’emberg Tribunal)

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(Above: New York lawyer-turned-“Colonel” Murray Bernays, left, with judge Robert Jackson, circa 1945).

If a Martian came from outer space and landed his spaceship on Earth, and you met him and ultimately told him that everything surrounding World War II (the deadliest war in history) was engineered by the Jews, he wouldn’t believe you. Why not? Because he would, no doubt, be a smart little Martian and he would ask you “are the Jews still alive?” and you would, of course, answer “yes,” to which the Martian would logically respond “then your story is fake because no people on earth would allow such dangerous subversives to live among them.”

The main architect of the Nuremberg Tribunal was a Jew, Colonel Murray C. Bernays (1894-1970) of the U.S. Army’s Special Projects Branch (who was married to Sigmund Freud’s niece). Bernays pioneered the idea of using the bogus charge of “grand criminal conspiracy of/by the Nazi Party” to convict the Nazi leaders of crimes which did not exist as crimes before they were committed, i.e., Nuremberg was based on illegal, “ex post facto” law. Bernays’ ideas about prosecuting Nazi leaders were adopted nearly word-for-word by the gentile, American prosecutor, Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson. Bernays found his inspiration for the Nuremberg circus in the Jew, Raphael Lemkin and his book “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe.” Lemkin believed that organizations like the Nazi Party were “criminal conspiracies.” (Another powerful Jew, Colonel David “Mickey” Marcus, was chief of the U.S. Army’s War Crimes Division and he personally selected the judges and prosecutors for the Nuremberg Tribunal. As a de facto general in the Israeli army, Marcus later waged war on the Arabs in Palestine — you see, it’s okay for Jews to fight their enemies, but it’s never okay for White people to fight their enemies, unless the Jews approve of it).

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