10 March, 2020

France: Women Being Equal

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News quote: “France’s equalities minister has demanded an investigation after videos circulated online showing police tear gassing and attacking women on a feminist march.”

What on earth is an “equalities minister”? But I guess that could make sense if you’re French: all the real men were murdered there in 1789, leaving only prancing Nancy-boys (boys who nonetheless had a penchant for the guillotine).

Re: women and equality: when you and wifey hear the sound of glass breaking in your house at 2:00 AM, who is always the person who must go investigate the noise? And who must wrestle with the burglar, maybe? You, mister! And, who always does the dirtiest types of vocational work (plumbing, septic tank work, ditch digging, etc.)? Guess. And if there’s a giant spider (or snake) in your bathroom, who must dispose of it every time while wifey cowers in another room? Guess. So much for equality. Looks like women are only equal “on paper.”

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