17 March, 2020

Proposed: a New VNNF/SF Peace Accord

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This post was inspired by a disturbing thread a few days ago at Stormfront forum (SF), and linked to at VNN Forum, which called into question VNN owner Alex Linder’s ethnicity and his White nationalist (WN) credentials. As if Alex hasn’t been in the White nationalist movement since almost forever. (He’s been in the WN movement since about 1993, I’m guessing. That’s 27 years).

There has been a longtime feud between SF posters and VNNF posters, largely over ideology and style. At one point in time, links to VNNF/VNN were not allowed to be posted at SF [1]. The feud has been aided and abetted by trolls, some of whom, no doubt, work for Jewish organizations.

It’s time to try a new peace accord between the SF forum and VNN Forum. Here is the basic idea of the peace accord: you don’t criticize other WNs on other forums, even if you might disagree with them on some ideological issue. Everyone likes different food, so to speak. Different strokes for different folks.

To start/enter into this peace accord: if you are a poster at Stormfront forum or VNN Forum, you voluntarily agree not to make posts on those forums such as this:

“Don Black is a ______________” (insert derogatory word here)

“Alex Linder is a ______________ ” (insert derogatory word here)

“SF mod/poster ___________ is a big fat ____________” (insert derogatory words here)

“VNNF mod/poster __________ is a big fat ____________” (insert derogatory words here)

or any variations of the above. Get it? Go your own way. Leave other WNs alone on the SF and VNNF forums. Don’t fight each other. Don’t call each other names.

A great part of this accord is this: it polices itself, so to speak. You, the posters at SF and VNNF, are the “accord police”! Yes, the whole burden is on you, men. It’s the old honor system. No heavy-handed, mafia-like knee-breaking will happen! Yes, yes, right: the internet trolls who daily troll the WN forums in order to start fights (most of those trolls have 17 different screen names and have real names like Goldberg, Weinberg and Silverstein) don’t want this accord to happen. Ever. Ever, ever. They want WNs to go on fighting every day. Well, fuck the trolls. That’s why you, the forum posters, need to make this accord happen, and, remain in place: to jam up the Jewish trolls and agent provocateurs who want WNs to endlessly fight each other.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s call this new peace accord “SF/VNNF 2020 Accord.” Don’t fight. Be as one. Be united. Befuddle and piss off the Jewish trolls.


[1] there have been several half-baked SF/VNNF peace accord attempts over the years, none of which succeeded for more than a few days

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