11 June, 2020

“Pride” Month: On Being a Queer and Not Announcing It to the Entire World

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June is called “Pride” Month — which is stupid because homosexuals aren’t proud of being queer. They hate themselves. The suicide rate for queers is 3 times higher than the rate for normal people.

Nonetheless, it seems that homosexuals in the 1970s were smarter than they are today. They kept their sex lives private (mostly). So nobody could “oppress” them for being queer — unless they were really swishy and flamboyant prancers who advertised their queerness to bullies.

If you’re a queer, and you don’t tell the whole world that you’re a queer, few people will know that you’re a queer (except maybe your sister in Florida). So, if nobody knows that you’re a queer, then they can’t “discriminate” against you or “oppress” you for being a queer. Make sense? Of course it does.

So if you keep your big mouth shut about being a queer, and you don’t skip around in velvet like a girl, everything should be peachy. This idea seems simple, but noooo…that would be way too easy, and not nearly dramatic enough for the drama-queen queers. They apparently feel a burning need to announce their queerness to the entire planet: “Look at me, world! Watch me prance around in pink leather!”

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