2 June, 2020

White Christians, Equality and Guilt

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White Christian #1: “My African-American brother, I’m sorry that I called the cops on you when you stole my car! Please don’t call me a racist! I love everybody! All humans are equal!”

White Christian #2: “My African-American friend, I’m sorry that I pointed a gun at you when you were crawling through my bedroom window, naked, at 2:00 AM. I should never have assumed that you were trying to rape my wife! Please forgive me! I’m not an evil racist!”

White Christian #3: “KeShawnicus: okay, so you stabbed me last summer as I was walking down your street. Big deal! You must have had a very good reason for stabbing me 14 times! You and I are brothers, forever, despite our slightly different skin tones! I love you, KeShawnicus!”

White Christian #4: “I’m sorry for having been born White! Please forgive me! I’m not a racist! I’ll prove it to you: I’ll adopt three babies from Haiti!” (*sob*)(*sniff*)


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