21 June, 2020

White Philosophy: Will the Insurrection of 2020 Turn Into a Full-Boil Revolution?

Posted by Socrates in Insurrection of 2020, leftism, leftists, liberal mindset, liberalism, liberals, liberals-as-children, rioting by Antifa, rioting by Blacks/Browns, Socrates, Trump, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trump's policies, Trump-as-a-fascist, Trumpphobia at 10:37 am | Permanent Link

No. It won’t. Why not? Too many well-to-do people in America are liberals and Jews. They own homes, businesses and have fat bank accounts. The Insurrection of 2020 turning into a “full-boil revolution” wouldn’t be good for them. They won’t allow it to happen. Revolutions are too unpredictable. They’ll let the insurrection simmer on low, hoping that it will somehow doom Donald Trump’s re-election in November (but it won’t. Trump will win big on November 3; indeed, normal people are already tired of Negro Felons Matter).

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