11 July, 2020

A Letter to White Men, July 2020

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Fellow White men of America:

I’m writing to you to make sure that you understand an important concept concerning us. In fact, your understanding of it, or not, could literally mean life or death for all of us. It concerns the future of America (and therefore the future of the West, as you shall see below).

You know that big city that you live in: Boston, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Houston, etc.? Well, do you know who built your city? White men. Only White men. They built the whole thing: the streets, the bridges, the buildings, the houses, the water lines, the electrical grid, the sidewalks, everything.

Now, consider America on the whole, The United States of America. Who created it? White men. Only White men. The federal government, the states, the laws, the customs and habits, the highways, the bridges, the buildings, everything.

Now, consider the entire Western world, i.e., the USA, Canada, Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, etc. Who created all of those countries? Can you guess? White men again? That’s right. White men again! We get around, don’t we?

Western culture is White male culture. Period. It isn’t Black, or Brown, or Asian, or female (granted, women played some part in Western culture by birthing us). In fact, the situation goes deeper than that: every important thing that you have today was invented by White men: electricity, the light bulb, the clock, the automobile, the computer, the radio, the airplane, refrigeration, air conditioning, ocean travel, space travel, etc. Indeed, without White men, the world as we know it today would not exist. That’s right. To put it plainly, and yes, somewhat arrogantly: White men gave the world to mankind. And nobody has thanked us yet.

Today, look around: White men are under attack from all sides: not only are Black and Brown people attacking us, but even other Whites (liberal idiots) are attacking us! We, the inventors of the modern world, are now being called “evil” and so forth. We, the people who gave our racial enemies everything they have, including democracy, the concept of freedom, the concept of free speech, the printing press, books, TV and the telephone; indeed, think about it: today, dirt-poor Brown people in Nicaragua have electricity, modern dentistry and cell phones, thanks to us. Have they ever thanked us for those things? Of course not. In fact, I can’t recall any Black or Brown person ever thanking us for giving them food hygiene and modern medicine. Apparently, White men are “evil” precisely because we invented the world. (If that’s evil, I’ll own it!).

Regardless, here’s what needs to happen, White men: we must start standing up for ourselves, defending ourselves, or we will soon be retired the hard way. We will be replaced by non-White people who cannot come close to matching our skills, our abilities, our professionalism, our farsightedness, and yes, believe it or not, even our compassion for people and animals [1]. If we are replaced by non-Whites, America will be destroyed, followed by the entire West, since America is the de facto leader of the West.

Here’s the nugget of this letter: White men, band together and defend yourselves now, while you still can. “Cancel culture”/”White Men Bad”/”Black Lives Matter” — the whole of it is like a Marxist snowball rolling downhill, straight towards us, getting bigger every minute [2]. Stand up for yourselves now, or we’re all going to hang, and it’ll happen sooner than you think.


[1] Blacks and Browns are infamous for cruelty to both animals and humans; in Mexico, animal cruelty is routine; in Africa, human life is basically worthless; even in Detroit, negroes will murder you for your sneakers.

[2] Black Lives Matter ideology is Marxist ideology; source: a news article titled “Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist'” by Yaron Steinbuch; in New York Post, June 25, 2020; the article notes that the BLM co-founder was the ideological protégé of Jewish, ex-Weathermen leader Eric Mann

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