6 July, 2020

The Roots of the BLM Ideology, Re: Police

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“Rubin winds up his book with a description on the last page of how wonderful life will be for everyone after young people have gotten rid of their parents, burned their schools, and killed all of the police. He writes, and I quote: ‘There will be no more jails, courts, or police. The world will become one big commune with free food and housing, everything shared. There will be no such crime as ‘stealing’ because everything will be free.'”
— Dr. William Pierce quoting the Jewish, Marxist radical Jerry Rubin, in Rubin’s 1970 book, “Do It!” [Here]. (It’s interesting that Rubin, a Jew, would mention a commune, because communism is a Jewish-invented-and-spread ideology that is based on historic Jewish communal living, i.e., the kahal).

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