21 July, 2020

Women Being Equal, Again

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We are told that women are “equal” to men, yet, women constantly need to use special laws and lawsuits to “protect themselves” from evil predatory men [1] who often did nothing more than engage in playful banter with the women. If you’re equal, you don’t need federal protections — do you?

Fact: “men and women working together” is a bad idea. It didn’t happen (much) in 1930 because back then people knew better. Women are a big distraction for men since men are visually oriented: a guy sees shapely legs and he gets a boner every time. Women should stay at home and raise kids — that’s why they have wombs.



[1] “special laws” means laws created solely for women’s benefit, e.g., the 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act

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