17 August, 2020

California University Newspaper Says: Kamala Harris’ Father was a Marxist Professor

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A Stanford newspaper quote, not dated but apparently from 1972:

“Marxist Offered Economics Post

by Ken McLaughlin.

Don Harris, a prominent Marxist Professor, has been offered a full professorship in the Economics Department here, Department Chairman James Rosse confirmed yesterday. Rosse said Harris has not yet accepted the offer, but he “expects to hear from him this week.” Harris who still holds a tenured position at the University of Wisconsin, has served as a visiting Professor here, and is currently teaching at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.” [Here].

Well, that could be problematic for America: did any of Don Harris’ political views rub off onto his daughter Kamala? (Furthermore, why would any Western university hire a Marxist in its Economics Department? Marxism isn’t based on reality, but on fantasy. In Marxist theory, the state will “wither away.” If there’s no state — since it disappeared last week — then who would coin money? Raise taxes? Maintain a treasury? Jail criminals? Build and repair infrastructure? The Marxists, of course, cannot answer these questions, because Marxism is bullshit. A joke. A Jewish joke).

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