29 August, 2020

Not Explaining Cultural Marxism, While Pretending to Explain Cultural Marxism

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“This is why I favour a cultural sociological approach to studying culture and its role in society, associated with classical sociologist Emile Durkheim, rather than Karl Marx. A progressive liberal, Durkheim embraced the values of social and economic equality, but unlike Marx did not view society as characterised by eternal class or social conflict.”

What on earth is this? Durkheim was a leftist Jew. He is the “godfather” of the bullshit field of Sociology. Who are these people at Quillette? It seems to be a libertarian website. And what is a “progressive liberal”? Liberals don’t make progress. They destroy everything they touch.

Cultural Marxism (CM), like regular Marxism, was designed as a weapon against White, Western culture. Period. Marxism failed to destroy the West (it went East instead), so CM was invented by Frankfurt School Jews circa 1930 to finish the job — and it has nearly succeeded! Most Western countries have now adopted CM. (And forget about Gramsci — he wasn’t much of a player; he only wrote about CM). The Jews invented, spread and installed CM, which is a blend of Marxism and Freudianism. CM is “Marxism applied to culture” rather than to the economy only (e.g., the book The Authoritarian Personality by Theodor Adorno, 1950, which demonized “traditional White fathers”). As someone wrote, CM “extended rather than replaced Karl Marx’s ideas.” That’s how the West got things like “White privilege” and “gay rights” and “the glass ceiling” and “the war on White males” and other bullshit. Most people on the Left, and some on the Right, deny that CM even exists! They call it a “right-wing conspiracy theory,” even though anyone who has studied Frankfurt School ideology can see that it is Marxism applied broadly to culture. .


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