1 August, 2020

Seattle is Heading Towards Marxism

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(Above: the subversive Jew, Karl Marx. His ridiculous and deadly philosophy [communism] is still being practiced by idiots to this day! A White country that allows Marxism/communism to be practiced will sooner or later regret it).

A news headline read: “Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force” (July 31, 2020). But wait: there’s also “land redistribution” involved! (The first thing a Marxist government does is “redistribute land” — i.e., it steals land from Person A and gives it to Person B)[1].


[1] about “land redistribution” in communist Nicaragua, 1980s: “The goal of the agrarian reform was to reduce rural poverty and hunger by redistributing the land to landless peasants, and by creating co-operative farms, as well as state-run agricultural enterprises.” [Here].

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