16 August, 2020

Was Adolf Hitler a Socialist? No. (Part 4 of 5)

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Adolf Hitler chose to “fight fire with fire” so to speak, by using a certain label to battle Marxian, Jewish socialism: his “National Socialism” (NS). But that was the only way to fight Jewish socialism. You couldn’t fight it by using big capitalism against it (because half of big capitalism was Jewish-owned, e.g., the media and the banks). To fight Marxian socialism, you had to “hook the little man in the street.” Which is what Hitler did. Imagine Hitler trying to fight Marxism by other means. He couldn’t have done it. It would have been impossible. National Socialism was the only tool that could unify, and de-Jew/de-Bolshevize, Germany. Rich capitalists wouldn’t have opposed the Jews, since they were in bed with the Jews. Hitler’s strategy worked well (for awhile, that is, until the international New World Order gang, led by the Jew, Bernard Baruch and also by F.D. Roosevelt’s Jewish cabal, decided to bag Hitler once and for all by forcing the hands of the leaders of the Axis Powers and just generally creating the conditions for war).

It was clever of Hitler to call his movement “National Socialism.” The name brought in support from several types of people at once, e.g., former soldiers, the unemployed, and especially nationalists and socialists of various flavors. That’s basically populism! NS sought to unite all the German people under one flag, to eliminate class distinctions (which was very important, because communism and socialism did just the opposite: they created and exploited class distinctions in order to divide and wreck White nations). NS was all about the unification of the White German people after years of political infighting within Germany. This was Hitler’s “socialism”, if you want to call it that, which, again, is the wrong label for it. Hitler, in the end, knew that race trumped all political labels. NS was really anti-Bolshevik/anti-Jewish White nationalism.

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