14 August, 2011

Stupidest Generation Fairy Tales: Pearl Harbor “Pushed America Into World War II”

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Overheard: an old man, of the, uh, “greatest generation,” saying that the “damn Japs” started WWII by bombing Pearl Harbor. They did, huh?

Here’s a quote from one of the few patriotic U.S. Senators about how America got into WWII:

“Soon the Senate will make a declaration of war. It will not be called that. We call it the ‘Lend-Lease’ Bill 1776.” — Sen. D. Worth Clark of Idaho, February 1941. (That was the bill’s actual number).

By the way, the Lend-Lease plan had Jewish fingerprints all over it. It was “prototyped” in 1940 by two of FDR’s Jews (Benjamin V. Cohen and Felix Frankfurter) as the “bases-for-destroyers” deal, and then it morphed, so to speak, into the 1941 “Lend-Lease Act.” The Lend-Lease Act was written by one of FDR’s Jewish lawyers, Oscar Sydney Cox. The actual idea for Lend-Lease (i.e., the “lease” part, which was vital for both legal and political reasons), usually falsely attributed to FDR, came from Cox through another one of FDR’s Jews, Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr. Cox was also General Counsel of the Lend-Lease Administration. Of course, closely related to Lend-Lease was the Jew Bernard Baruch’s “Cash and Carry” plan for allied weapons purchases…you know, if you listed the names of the people who really pushed America into WWII, you’d have the guest list at a bar mitzvah.

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    1. Marc Rappaport Says:

      You should all be glad that FDR and Churchill defeated Hitler, otherwise you’d be forced to speak in German right now and you’d be doing slave labor in Nazi death-camps. You would have learned the hard way that you can’t be friends with your Nazi heroes! Maybe someday you’ll thank your Jewish neighbors for having spared you such a fate? :)

    2. Shane Says:

      Germany was forced to delcare war on the U.S. shortly after Pearl Harbor because FDR ordered attacks on German ships. Interesting how FDR and his Jews turned towards Germany instead of Japan right after Decemeber 7. Jews often love war racketeering.

      I wish there was a revolt in the U.S. during WWII that kept us out. Britain and Germany should never have battled one another. Even Churchill said they slaughtered the wrong pig in the Soviet Union. But if the Germans really did take over the U.S., which I really doubt Hitler wanted, I wouldn’t mind speaking German here. Your fantasy death camps are out of touch with a reality. Your history seems to be very weak, Rappaport.

    3. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Fuck off Rappaport you jewish cunt!!! You people have done NOTHING to be thanked for!!! We should have supported Hitler, in getting rid of you ugly, rat-faced bastards. Six million? You lying bunch of yids! We could only wish!!!!

    4. Luke Says:

      I have to say I kind of admire the amazing display of self-restraint and diplomacy as exhibited towards Rappaport by our brother Cardillo.

      But, Rappaport really didn’t deserve to be shown that level of politeness, to be honest.

    5. Shane Says:

      I read Speer’s memoirs, and he was probably Hitler’s closest friend throughout the war. Yes the Germans wanted to be a world power, but they never planned on invading the U.S. to any serious degree, and it’s absurd to say that we would all be “speaking german” if we didn’t destroy Germany. That is another absurdity like the one Alex points out in regards to Pearl Harbor pushing us in the war.

    6. mark Says:

      Marc Rappaport said on 14 August, 2011 at 4:55 pm

      “You should all be glad that FDR and Churchill defeated Hitler, otherwise you’d be forced to speak in German right now and you’d be doing slave labor in Nazi death-camps.”

      No, we wouldn’t be doing slave labor in Nazi death-camps. We’d be soldiers in the German army scouring the Earth for the rest of you filthy creatures.

    7. Anna Italiano Says:

      I remember my grandparents fighting about Roosevelt..my gran loved him but grandpa called him a fake dutchman and a hidden jew, and Eleanor he referred to as a horse-faced dyke.

      Would the Germans have required all those slave laborers, Rapp? Perhaps some of us could have swept the immaculate streets or driven trucks on the perfectly cobbled roads? At any rate, you wouldn’t have been there to see it.

      Stop trolling. You’ll get wrinkles.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Flying Tiger’s B.S. was cooked up shortly after the filthy bastard was re infected to the whore house in 1940.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      That post is soooo Stupid, it must be by a fanatical Evanjellycull !

      If not then the Alphabet joo’s are seriously nuttier than I knew.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:


      The Korean Hot War of 1950 was solely started to keep Douglas MacArthur from becoming POTUS in 1952;

      It was known and feared in late 1949 the the General was resigning in early 1950 to prepare the house Kleaning of the SOB’s who ran hog wild for twenty years, starting with recognizing Stalin’s USSR in 1932 !

    11. R CROSS Says:

      Oh humour ,starts the week off just right,the japs as far as i can see had little choice but to attack the us,after all the us thirty years ago was fully prepared to go to war to secure its oil supplies,and has,why should it be different for the japs,though some of thier methods were beyond the divine line,i do feel a certain sympathy for them in thier present troubles.

    12. torrence Says:

      Little factoids such as the Senator Clark quote is what can make VNN so informative.

      As far as Rappaport goes, I just shrug when I read posts such as his. There is no need for so many to get bent out of shape. He represents the real world, friends. Learn. Understand what he says – others will think similarly. If he writes from a Jewish angle, learn and understand further yet. Post what you think a correct response would be. It helps nothing and no one to get inflamed, angry or thrown off center by reading such posts. Are we not tough enough to take on a poster we disagree with? Sure we are.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      torrence Says:

      15 August, 2011 at 2:37 am

      Of course your correct, but he has a signing hanging around his neck stating “Please Abuse me” by posting such inane media fostered brain washed dribble.

    14. Luke Says:

      Howdy Doody: Think and reflect back for a moment, and recall how the jewish owned and controlled mainstream media treats any pro-white spokesman or advocate for white rights, whenever they are able to lure one of them onto their TV programs.

      Never are they shown any respect or treated civilly, right? Never will the jew owned & controlled media interviewer allow the pro-white guest to speak and state his case, without constantly interrupting them and spewing all sorts of bile designed to demonize, discredit and attack the guest’s personal integrity and intentions. We’ve all seen the routine:

      “Nazi, White Supremacist, Hater, Racist, Bigot, KKK member” – the jewish template is well known to those of us who’ve been in this white nationalist movement for most of our lives.

      For those of us who’ve studied the history of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, and who’ve read a number of the books by Professor Kevin MacDonald – we recognize this tactic. The goal is to pathologize any expression of white racial pride and racial consciousness – to make it seem to be ‘beyond the pale’ of respectability. No other racial group is treated this way, only whites. This is the means by which the jews are seeking to disarm whites and render them unable, incapable, and unwilling to fight this fight on racial terms, which is the only way to fight when you are clearly involved in a race war where your group’s survival hangs in the balance.

      So, the venom that some of the VNN’ers like to spew at Rappaport and other jewish trolls like him – is simply the exact same thing that jews and their white race traitor stooges in the MSM do, minus most of the profanity, to our pro-white spokesman when they venture into the jewish controlled media world.

      Rappaport and his troll pals do not deserve any of our respect and we are under no obligation to treat them cordially, since when the tables are reversed – we have to endure being splattered with gallons of rancid jewish vomit.

    15. morris wise Says:

      The second world war was a boost for European Jewery, it broke down the walls of their ghetto`s and gave them the opportunity to release their talents. The assets of post war Jewery is up a thousand fold and rising.

    16. danny Says:

      the europeans should tell the federals to get out of europe, now! Japanese should do the same.

    17. torrence Says:

      Oh Lord.
      Morris gives Hitler credit for allowing Jews, post-war, to “release their talents’.

      Morris, we need you to stick around. Your posts provide that humorous diversion that I appreciate now and then.

      Anyone in possession of a belief is wise to periodically verify the veracity -the correctness-the worthiness of that belief. Fact-checking now and then the things we hold to be true is necessary. Things do change. Circumstances do change. And sometimes with them, our understanding must change as well. One of my suppositions concerns the nature of the Jewish community. I came to believe twenty of so years ago that they are a people of ‘The Self’. They project ‘The Ego of Self’. They are a people consumed with ‘Self’ and enamored by ‘Self’. They are people of ‘Chutzpah’, as unapologetic and self-assuming and presumptuous a people as ever there was. Even their god had to spit them out – too tough to chew. (“I have looked at this people and here it is a stiff-necked people. So now let me be, that my anger may blaze against them and I may exterminate them…” Ex.32:9-10)

      Morris….your posts provide confirmation. Don’t leave us.

    18. torrence Says:

      I encourage everyone to be civil and polite to Morris Wise and Marc Rappaport. I mean that. Aryan morality should be foremost in discipline, courtesy, civility and self-control. Angry words, name calling and on-board trashing only shows that we are easily goaded and provoked. If we are armored and protected by our beliefs and understandings, there is no reason to feel threatened or to lash out. Doing so is a sign of weakness. An opportunistic opponent sizes us up for our weaknesses and then knows better how next to confront us.

      In the end, it is often the moral dimension of the individual that leads to victory. To lose control and express hatred If we are in the right………..fear no one……defend before everyone.

    19. torrence Says:

      To finalize my thoughts before I mistakenly submitted the above post, I want to include a thought taken from Chapter 7 of the National Alliance Membership Handbook, 1st ed.
      On the matter of personal morality, posters who may be inimical to us and who succeed in getting us to respond with that initial impulse of hatred and haste, may take this behavior as proof that they are in the right. They may feel that the hatred they draw out from us is made hotter whenever they remind us of our own immorality, our own shortcomings. By being moral, in the right, and always in self-control, we teach them otherwise.

      “Be wrathful, and yet do not sin, let the sun not set with you in a provoked state.” Ephesians 4:26

    20. torrence Says:

      Ignore Rappaport or Wise if they are provoking you. Don’t even thumb their post. Don’t respond online to them. If you do, you are only further highlighting their blather and draw other’s attention to it. Don’t debate, consider or weigh their thinking in the forum. Give them the ‘David Irving’ treatment: Jews refuse him an airing because they don’t want to ‘legitimize his views’ or provide him a platform to ‘spread his historical lies’. Some refuse (cowardly at that) to even sit in a forum with him, so as not to ‘dignify’ his views. Its all ridiculous to the Aryan conception of proper conduct.

      Sometimes with Jews, you just need to give them the Jewish treatment: make a ‘non-person’ out of them.

    21. jayhackworth Says:

      Stupidest generation II – the herds who still believe we are right for bleeding in the endless warfare for the kikes, Iraq, AfPak, soon Iran and likely Libya, etc.

    22. jayhackworth Says:

      Oh, yeah. A lot of disagreement on this, but the kikes stabbed this country in the back during the Vietnam years, simply put, because we were fighting communists.

    23. elise Says:

      Tweet the lend-lease bill 1776

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jack, as you doubtless know there were a lot of anti Vietnam War songs and celebrities back in the 60s and early 70s. Remember “Four Dead in Ohio”? and “War(What is it good for? Absolutely nothin’!)”? And remember Jane Fonda sitting on the seat of that NVA antiaircraft gun, the kind used to shoot down F-4s and Huey choppers? Or what about the Smothers Brothers and Laugh In? They frequently made anti Vietnam War remarks or jokes and the audience enthusiastically applauded.

      So if it was OK for the news and entertainment industry to openly criticize the Vietnam War (I was against that war as well), why is it NOT OK to openly criticize the unprovoked wars of aggression currently being waged by the US in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc? Where are the hit protest songs on the radio? Where are the TV personalities who are calling for the wars to end and the troops to come home? Where are the mass antiwar rallies?

      Oh, that’s right….the Jew Establishment did NOT support the Korean War or the Vietnam War, because neither country posed a threat to Jewish/Zionist power. But (for the most part) the Jews DO support the current US-led wars against Muslim countries perceived to be a threat to Israel. That’s why Bruce Springsteen, Susan Sarandon, Bono, Jesse Jackson, Sean Penn and the rest of the Liberal Elite keep their yaps shut about the current wars. As much as they might like to speak out, they dare not run afoul of their Jew bosses and colleagues.

    25. jayhackworth Says:

      Tim – I think it boils down to the Jew predilection for Marxism that prejudiced them
      against their host nation, and this was reflected on the campuses in academia, and in their controlled media. I’m not defending the war, but these kikes wil be the first to tell you nowadays, ‘defend the country, right or wrong”, and that is what true faithful Americans tend to do.

      Wherever there was communist insurrection in the world, a Jew wasn’t far behind to remind us by screaming it, for us to keep our ‘hands off’.( remember El Salvador?) They aided and abetted Hanoi and likely made the war drag out longer than it would have. They were traitors then, and they are traitors now, pushing us into war for Israel under phony premises.

      After the USSR failed, they made a beeline for good ol Ronnie Reagan.

      Imagine a Tom Hayden or a Jerry Rubin having lunch with Saddam Hussein and playing with his anti aircraft guns while our soldiers were dying.

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      And since there’s no Draft, most Americans don’t give a shit about the imperialist wars being waged by the US in the Middle East. They couldn’t care less about the atrocities being committed by US forces in their name and with their tax dollars, because the Kwan public has no personal stake in any of those wars. With a Draft, the public would suddenly start to care a GREAT DEAL about all those wars,because they and their boys would be ordered to fight in them. But the cowardly politicians know that it would be career suicide to call for reinstating the Draft. So instead, the US military has to rely on fags, psychos, misfits, coloreds, little girls and trigger-happy mercenaries to fill its ranks and do its dirty work.

      Funny how it was so important to invade Iraq and Afghanistan immediately after 9/11, because the White House and the Jewsmedia said the very fate of the whole world was at stake all of a sudden. Saddam had an arsenal of terrifying WMDs he was about to unleash and Al Qaeda was going to launch a jihad against Civilization itself. Yet at as “dangerous” as Saddam and Al Qaeda were, as much of a threat as they were to the whole world, no call-up of inductees was ordered and Congress never officially declared war on anyone.

      The Day of Retribution is going to be very, very gory indeed. Chainsaws, blowtorches, axes, vats of sulfuric acid…….I can’t wait to get started.

    27. jayhackworth Says:

      Tim, you may be correct, but remember, there was a peacetime draft initiated BEFORE 12/7/41, and since the media played it up and not down, as they did in the 60s, it was a “bestseller”.

    28. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Tim, as usual your wisdom is terrific. I also notice that any war that benefits the jew is always a good war. You are right about the celebs not saying anything bad about this war. I also noticed that for a long time Cindy Sheehan, was no longer the golden girl that she used to be. She crossed that line with complaining about the “you know jew”..er…I mean the “you know who’s”.

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      Robert, thanks for your kind words. And you’re right about Ms. Sheehan. She had been a darling of the antiwar Left until she started talking about Jewish/Zionist influence in all our latest wars. Ralph Nader has also been ostracized by the Liberal establishment, because he made some off the cuff remark about Obama being a spade or something.

      And the way that the Right wing went after Cindy Sheehan is hateful. Some commentator on FOX News said she had peed all over her son Casey’s memory by campaigning against the Iraq War, the war that needlessly took his life away. To hell with the right wing. I despise them. They’re nothing but creeps, cowards and cretins. The liberals aren’t much better, but at least some of them still have a few tattered shreds of principle and conviction.

    30. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Tim, no problem. I give credit where credit is due. I hate the so-called Right wing Republicunts much more than the left-wing Democunts. At least with Obama and his ilk, you knew what we were in for. The right-wingers, like the left-wingers ALL kiss up to the kikes. Where did alot of them just leave to go to? Pissrael of course. They will get their fill of HoloFRAUD bollocks and go to YID Vashem. Yes, I think it was despicable what they did to Mrs. Sheehan. The wankers at Faux-Jews are like most of the cunts who support this kike-inspired war. Never been in the military or did their service back in the 70’s and 80’s when I was in. They are too old and fat to worry about Uncle Shylock taking them back in. I think a few of us nominated you to be president. How about it Tim? Ha-ha!!!!

    31. Diablo Says:

      Just watched film “Inside Job.” It should have been named “Jews Gone Wild.”