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2 December, 2018

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[…] “Our U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, however, accused Russia of ‘outlaw actions’ against the Ukrainian vessels and ‘an arrogant act the international community will never accept.’” This is Briefcase Marxism, which can be defined as “Western countries (usually America) meddling in the affairs of the entire world by bludgeoning countries (usually ones that the Jews […]

16 October, 2017

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“I should also make clear that if the Alt-Right continues to grow in size, it may represent a serious challenge for America’s liberal democracy, and for this reason it should be understood.”    What is this, a conspiracy? When did America become a “liberal democracy”? Answer: it didn’t. It isn’t a liberal democracy. It’s a […]

23 September, 2014

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(Above: Albrecht Dürer’s “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” circa 1497–98; “And I saw, and behold, a pale horse, and its rider’s name was Jew, and Hades followed him” [my own little edit of the Biblical passage]) I wonder if O’Reilly mentions the Jewish features of WWII in this book? Patton mentioned them near the end […]

17 August, 2014

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(Above: Harry Dexter White) It’s bad enough that Harry Dexter White was a Jewish communist. He was also a Soviet spy and a one-man nation-wrecker. Not only did he help communize China, but, he played a critical role in pushing America into World War II. Yes, he was one of the Horsejews of the Apocalypse. […]

24 October, 2013

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(Above: Benjamin V. Cohen, the Jew who birthed FDR’s “bases-for-destroyers” deal) Seen on the TV: a documentary which mentioned how F. D. Roosevelt’s preparations for World War II were hindered by labor shortages. Perhaps the documentary should have also mentioned that, had FDR lived, he might have faced criminal charges related to WWII. FDR’s “bases-for-destroyers” […]

14 August, 2011

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Overheard: an old man, of the, uh, “greatest generation,” saying that the “damn Japs” started WWII by bombing Pearl Harbor. They did, huh? Here’s a quote from one of the few patriotic U.S. Senators about how America got into WWII: “Soon the Senate will make a declaration of war. It will not be called that. […]