16 October, 2017

A Recurring Theme: More ‘White Nationalism-as-a-Threat-to-America’

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“I should also make clear that if the Alt-Right continues to grow in size, it may represent a serious challenge for America’s liberal democracy, and for this reason it should be understood.”   

What is this, a conspiracy? When did America become a “liberal democracy”? Answer: it didn’t. It isn’t a liberal democracy. It’s a White republic founded by White men. Just because the F.D. Roosevelt administration of the 1930s (which was full of Jews) began calling America a “democracy” every week, that didn’t/doesn’t make it a liberal democracy [1]. Another example of liberals calling something “X” until it becomes “X” (at least in the collective mind of the Left; another example: liberals calling Donald Trump a “fascist” — many liberals now believe that he is a fascist, thanks to the daily use of that smear in the left-wing media).


[1] the famous Jewish judge, Felix Frankfurter, was responsible for inserting the term “arsenal of democracy” (the term refers to America) into president F.D. Roosevelt’s December 1940 speech “Arsenal of Democracy” (source: the 1978 book “Memoirs” by French diplomat Jean Monnet)

  • 4 Responses to “A Recurring Theme: More ‘White Nationalism-as-a-Threat-to-America’”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      The Jewz will tell the goyim What to Think
      And When to think it?!

      Add a liberal helping of “White Guilt”? And

      Oy Vey Presto !!
      Guilty White Goy cant Even Consider White Nationalism

      Thats for evilracisthaterhomobogophobes!!

      Itll lead to Oy Vey ! Another Holocaust ©

      Whites must not Wake up!
      Then They will start putting Their welfare and group
      Interests First instead of Jewish wants and desires!!

      Oh the horrible gelfite outcomes of that!

    2. Jan Lamprecht Says:

      Hi Socrates,
      I’ve also noticed this theme in the USA that “Whites” are a threat to the USA! And I also thought WTF? The USA is a 100% creation of the WHITE RACE – mainly Western Europeans. So how the hell can they be the threat to the very thing they created?

      That’s the Jews at work my friend. Just like in South Africa.

      I wrote some thoughts down on my website here, where I discuss your article above: http://wp.me/p8wSEO-nP

      I think this is a very important topic that needs to be revisited.

      14/88 Bro!

    3. Jan Lamprecht Says:

      Agreed Red Skull! The degree to which Jews influence and control and direct White racial thinking across whole continents is totally shocking! It leaves me ever most shocked at the level of Jewish control.

      White people need to think for themselves. The sooner the better or we all die!

      It astounds me how almost every leader in “the West” is a cuck and a sellout to our race!

    4. jan malherbe Says:

      Just as you say namesake Jan the ‘ Chosenites’ desert nomads who concocted a scheme of how to subvert the shining civilisation around them (envy) are a utterly unique phenomena; control peoples spiritual ‘fairytale’ needs (opiate of the masses) and then control the money supply and you have almost 100% control…..this problem cannot be solved in a ‘democratic’ way………..!!??