9 September, 2020

An Outstanding Idea: Tell Us Your Story

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Tell us your racial “awakening” story! How did you become race-aware? I’ll go first:

I was a “Reagan conservative.” It was about 1995, maybe. I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh every day on the radio. One day, I sent away for a mail-order military supply catalogue. When I got the catalogue in the mail, the package also contained a book catalogue, called “National Vanguard Books.” It was published by Dr. William Pierce’s National Alliance. I read the book catalogue 10 times, cover-to-cover. It mentioned Jews a lot. It was very intriguing — in fact, it was jaw-dropping. The rest, as they say, is history. I eventually found my way to VNN, back when it had the multi-colored front page — remember those colored squares on the right side of the main page? I asked Alex then if he had lots of tattoos and I was surprised when he answered “no” because I had imagined that he looked like a skinhead (tattoos, bald, combat boots, etc.). I began sending Alex letters and he would post some of them. I am still not really a writer (I’m a “poster of stuff”), but I have hopefully educated some White people.

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    1. Durch Says:

      I’ve been racially aware all my life I believe. Could be because I grew up with niggers and spics in a small town in south Phx.. I walked to school through 6 7 8th grades. Yes.. Those were the good ‘ol days.