11 September, 2020

White People: Leave America?

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Many of us want to leave America. Look at what we face daily: the Blacks; the Marxists; the multicultural, P.C. bullshit — it’s all too much.

But where would we move to instead? Canada? England? France? They have worse laws than America. They are less free and more leftist than America. As Tom Metzger said: the Western world will stand, or fall, on the fate of America (which is the most powerful Western country by far).

(As for the letter/moving to Uruguay: maybe don’t laugh too hard. It was part of the Southern Cone of right-wing Operation Condor countries in the 1970s, and in theory it is still reasonably White [regarding ethnicity, it’s largely Spaniard and Italian] and has not yet been ruined by multicultural, NWO, BLM bullshit, but don’t hold me to that hypothesis since I don’t live there).

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