21 September, 2020

White Philosophy: Institutes of Higher Learning? No, of Higher Marxism and Higher Brainwashing

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(Above: “Gee, that ship seemed so seaworthy…”).

“Back where I come from, we have universities, seats of great learning, where men go to become great thinkers.” — The Wizard of Oz. “Great thinkers”? Not anymore. Now they become “great Marxists.” Because what do you learn in the universities? That all humans are equal! Until the broken, corrupt, worthless universities can be repaired and restaffed with normal people and not leftist wackos, they must be defunded and closed by the government. If “conservatives” want a great movement to start, there’s one! Close every university from Florida to California, and tell the American people why you want to do that. They’ll come around and support you. They will.

Back in the 1960s, the Cultural Marxists (based mostly in the universities) began saying, “let’s create equality of opportunity” for all of the human races. So that’s what happened. But that soon morphed into “let’s create equality of outcomes” for all of them. They “thumbed the scales” for Blacks until Blacks graduated from fancy universities with degrees in the “soft” sciences, even though they didn’t earn those degrees (known as “grade inflation”) [1][2][3][4].

Questions: If Blacks are equal, why do they need grade inflation to graduate? If America is a democracy, why do the universities require students to read Marxist textbooks in order to graduate (e.g., books by Herbert Marcuse)? If universities are about free speech and new ideas, how come there is no free speech, or no new ideas, allowed in any of the universities?


[1] Blacks rarely pursue degrees in the “hard” sciences, such as physics, biology or chemistry. They go for “soft” science degrees in
psychology or sociology or other worthless fields; it doesn’t take much effort to get a degree in sociology (a field created by the Jew, Emile Durkheim).

[2] Half of the grades given at Harvard University today are A grades: “one-fourth of all grades given to undergraduates are now A’s, and another fourth are A-‘s.” — from an article titled “Grade Inflation: It’s Time to Face the Facts” by Harvey C. Mansfield, April 6, 2001, at https://www.chronicle.com; Mansfield is a professor of government at Harvard.

[3] several years ago, I visited a state university, in order to use the huge (huge! Like, 30 million books) library there. I was dismayed to see that 7 out of 10 students there were female. It was wall-to-wall estrogen! No wonder our country is going to the dogs: all of our “leaders” emote now. Emoting is great for child-rearing but not so great for governing an entire country. Sadly, women are easier to brainwash than men, because they take everything at face value and tend to believe people in authority positions more than men do.

[4] the “New Left” (godfathered by Marcuse) was built in the universities circa the 1960s

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