10 September, 2020

Why is China Treated as a Legitimate Entity?

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China is an illegal country. Since 1949, its leaders have not been legitimately elected or legitimately appointed. It’s a brutal communist country. Unlike Hitler, Chairman Mao Zedong was not legitimately elected or legitimately appointed [1][2]. Why does America treat China as legitimate? Donald Trump should not even talk to these oily people, he should instead block them at every turn on the world stage. He should blacklist China: no sales of anything to China, no diplomacy with China, etc. [3]. Illegal countries can’t own nuclear weapons. Right? Right?? No? Oh.



[1] Hitler was legally appointed as Chancellor by German President Paul von Hindenburg in January 1933.

[2] the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, which contained mostly communists in 1949, “elected” Mao as “chairman” of the government, which is funny in a sick sort of way.

[3] the Chinese are famous for being dishonest and sneaky. (And the Japanese? They’re considered to be honest).

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