28 October, 2020

America is a Sick, Multicultural Country Now, or, Fort Hoodlum, Texas

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(Above: the manned “gate” at Fort Hood, Texas).

Fox News said, on its website, re: a video about the murder of a Mexican, female, U.S. Army “soldier”, on 10/28/20 (the crime happened in April 2020):

“What happened at Fort Hood? Outrage spreads after Vanessa Guillen is killed at the most crime-ridden military base in America.”

“Crime-ridden military base”? Uhhh, how much crime can there be on a fenced-in U.S. military base, complete with armed guards manning the gates leading to the base? My god. Is anybody in charge of America anymore? If so, who? What’s his name? (Guillen’s killer, by the way, was a bunny [a jungle-bunny] and a soldier, too; you’re surprised, aren’t you?).

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