8 January, 2021

Cuba: Going Down the Tubes Quickly

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The U.S. embargo on Cuba only applies to America trading with Cuba. In other words, Cuba is free to buy rice from the Philippines or meat from Brazil. But Cuba doesn’t have any money, because it’s a backwards, communist country with no industries because Fidel Castro killed them all. Cuba had the best rum, molasses, sugarcane and cigars in the world. Cuba would have been set for a century [1]. But Castro, a foolish communist thug, let those industries die. Now Fidel’s brother, Raul, blames America for Cuba’s poverty! Yeah, such a typical commie leader. Blame everyone and everything except communism.

Cuba thinks it can remain stable via communism. It can’t. Cuba is slowly starving because its two sugar-daddies (the Soviet Union and Venezuela) are gone — well, mostly gone anyway, in the case of the latter.



[1] “In the last two decades, Cuba practically ceased to be a sugar producing country, but it failed to develop another industry of similar magnitude that would allow it to generate foreign exchange.” — article “Cuba’s Slow Collapse, a Country that is Running out of Food” at translatingcuba.com, Jan. 5, 2021

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