4 January, 2021

More About Life In Cuba

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I have a special hatred for the late communist bully Fidel Castro (indeed, for both Castros: his brother Raul, too). Why? Because Cuba is only 90 miles from America. That’s way too close.

What’s the difference between a mafia boss and Fidel/Raul Castro? The Castros’ rule is called “legal”; a mafia boss doesn’t enjoy such legality.

Various comments that I have seen or heard about life in Cuba:

— The food-ration books (“libretta”) do not cover all food expenses, only some of them. The poor Cuban must buy more food
with his pesos, on his tiny salary.

— Cubans live on 400-800 pesos a month, the equivalent of 20-40 U.S. dollars.

— There are always shortages of something in Cuba: toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc. Always.

— Cubans always blame their economic plight on America. “It’s America’s fault that we are poor!” (Not true: they are poor due to communism and the Castros’ stupidity).

— Power outages are common in Cuba. So are water outages. Sometimes they happen daily.

— Many Cubans eat only one meal per day (“almuerzo,” aka, lunch). They cannot afford to eat more.

— Cubans can now become self-employed in certain professions, if they pay taxes, but that’s not enough to improve the economy to any significant degree.

— In Cuba it is common for buildings to suddenly collapse. The government does not take proper care of Cuba’s infrastructure.

— Since Barack Obama’s “normalization” process was announced in December 2014, things deteriorated politically and economically in Cuba — the opposite of what Obama said would happen. (Luckily, Donald Trump reversed many of Obama’s rules for Cuba).

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