15 January, 2021

The Liberals Are the Masters of the Lie

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How did Donald Trump “encourage insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6, as the liberals claim? He pointedly told his followers to be “peaceful” during his speech to them! It was leftists (who were posing as Trump supporters) who caused the violence — which was apparently planned weeks in advance to discredit Trump. The real Trump supporters were peaceful and merely walked around inside the Capitol after being let into it by cops/guards.

The Jewish psychoanalysist, Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), was a fraud and a creep (“you hate your father because your mother wears red shoes!”), but he got one thing right: people who have low self-esteem often “project” their bad behavior onto others (i.e., they accuse others of bad behavior which they themselves are guilty of). For example, liberals accuse conservatives of advocating riots and violence, when they themselves spent most of 2020 encouraging rioting/violence by leftist antifa thugs in Portland and elsewhere! Indeed, liberals are the kings of projection! Liberals have low self-esteem. They hate themselves. They are perpetually unhappy people, hence they are mentally ill. They often come from broken homes and often were molested by their too-liberal, dope-smoking, anything-goes parents. They are sick people who should never be allowed to hold positions of power/authority.

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