21 February, 2021

Marxism in the Arts

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Why is Marxism so popular today? Because no one has been taught that it’s evil. Sure, in the 1950s we were taught that communism was a bad thing. But not anymore. Go to a college in California today and the teachers are praising Karl Marx! It’s sickening.

The scary thing about Cultural Marxism is that there are no limits to it. It can be used anywhere, by anyone, young or old, by the government, or by a school, or even by a church. The possibilities are endless. Whereas it usually requires guns and tanks to install regular Marxism (e.g., in Nicaragua in 1979), with Cultural Marxism all you need is “official person X” to mandate it, and presto! Cultural Marxism is installed. And it’s perfectly legal!

Cultural Marxism is a blend of Marxism and Freudianism, and it’s a sub-ideology of Critical Theory [1]. It came from the Jewish teachers at the Frankfurt School at Columbia University in New York City, from 1930-onward. Strangely, Cultural Marxism is accepted almost everywhere today as “legitimate.” Few people question its ridiculous objectives. And, oddly, Cultural Marxism is aimed at Whites only. That should be a clue!).

I have said it before: Marxism (all types) must be banned by federal laws in all of the Western world. If it isn’t, the West will fall to Marxism in the not-too-distant future.



[1] the Jewish Frankfurt School teacher Erich Fromm (1900-1980) was the major player in creating Cultural Marxism. A web quote: “Fromm was one of the first to synthesize Marx and Freud in order to develop a Marxian social psychology…”

Fromm was an unorthodox Marxist and an unorthodox Freudian, which alienated him within the Frankfurt School and also in intellectual circles in America.

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