29 March, 2021

Eric Thomson on ZOG

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“Back in 1976 1 gave you the ZOG-concept. As a long-time African resident, I could see what should have been obvious to those on this continent who were supposedly attempting to fight… Who knows? Some claimed that The Enemy was the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, the dreaded, but conveniently anonymous “Insiders”. As a simple Nazi, I realized that what was lacking was a Feindbild or picture of the enemy. If one did not know who the enemy was, then one could never hope to combat him. Later, I learned that ‘our side’ had no definition of who or what it was, either. Without a Feindbild, the situation is serious, but not hopeless. Without a Selbstbild, a concept of who we are, then the situation is hopeless, but not serious. The blightwingers seem set in their ways, choosing to blunder and stumble along, on their treadmill to oblivion, because they choose not to identify themselves any more than they choose to identify their enemies.”


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