21 March, 2021

Labor Unions: Nothing But Trouble

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Why do they call them labor Jewnions? Because Jews pioneered them.

Labor unions cause nothing but trouble. They raise the prices of goods, and they also shrink the labor pool. Both of those things are bad for Joe Sixpack. They also use union dues to promote liberal political candidates. And many top union leaders are Marxists. It’s a sad situation all around.

“Under Hitler, National Socialism emphasized the principle, as stated already, that workers and employers belong together as a united entity and they were not to be agitated nor played off against one another, contrary to the capitalist system of today.”

Yes. Labor unions pit workers against the factories, making them fight. That’s what Jews do: they make X fight Y, and A fight B. Look at America: the labor union movement was entirely Jewish: led by Samuel Gompers, Sidney Hillman and David Dubinsky.

[Text of a speech; a .PDF file].

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