24 March, 2021

More On Reparations for Black People

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My father did not oppress any Blacks. Nor did my grandfather. Nor did my great-grandfather. None of my relatives owned slaves (because they were middle-class only, and came from the upper Midwest). That’s true for 90% of all Whites in America: none of their relatives owned slaves. So why should our tax dollars fund reparations for Blacks?

Furthermore, no Blacks alive today were slaves. Nor were their fathers, or grandfathers.

Reparations for Blacks is a scam. Period. (Blacks should be paying us for making their lives sooooo much easier: Blacks now have cars, cell phones (for drug deals and ordering food), electricity, TVs, stereos, computers, air conditioning/heating, indoor plumbing, refrigerators/freezers, sophisticated health care, etc. Are Blacks going to pay us “evil” Whites?).

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