19 March, 2021

No More Doubt Exists (Two Items)

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Those of you who doubted that there was “a war on White people” in America: you need doubt no more. Here’s proof that there is such a war.

The gloves are off. The Cultural Marxists are already on the battlefield. There really is a war on White people. How long will it be before wholesale violence against White people starts?

“North Carolina’s largest school district has launched a campaign against “whiteness in educational spaces” (this of course means “White people in the schools”; apparently this also refers to innocent children). How can a government entity commit racism against the people who built America?? It’s truly shocking.

Also: “Whiteness Is a Pandemic” says a Black guy. Really?? Since there are now fewer White people in America, per capita, than ever before, Whites must have been a real serious pandemic in 1955! You can imagine the hysterical outcry if a White man wrote that “Blacks are a pandemic”! (Actually, Blacks are a crimedemic: when Blacks move into your neighborhood, suddenly there’s a crime wave).

But there’s good news! If White people are no longer legitimate, then all of the things they created are no longer legitimate. Right?? For example, the Bill of Rights. It must no longer be legitimate, since Whites created it. So, Blacks and Browns no longer have free speech. Or the right to own/carry guns. Right?? If we are illegitimate, then so are all the things we created. Blacks can no longer drive cars, or fly on planes, or use phones, right??

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