4 April, 2021

In Hoc Signo Vinces (George Lincoln Rockwell Manifesto)

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My short summary, written for newbies, of an early draft of George Lincoln Rockwell’s manifesto “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (Latin for “In/under this sign thou shalt conquer”). There are three versions of the manifesto here. It’s a good manifesto.

“White men got too uppity and they thought they could rule the world by sheer intellect and science alone and not by physical force. White men forgot that they were, in the end, animals too, and that they were subject to all of the brutal natural laws, such as natural selection/survival of the fittest. So White men became complacent and wimpy and they laid down their swords, for they would not need them anymore, because now they would use their great brains only to rule most of the planet.

But the Jew, always too clever and sneaky, recognized a golden opportunity when he saw one and introduced a new, anti-White weapon into the now-wimpified Western world: intellectual, feel-good, humanitarian propaganda. Jews, being the global masters of intellectual bullshit, soon dominated the Western world with fancy, socialist/Marxist baloney: they pushed “human rights”, “human equality”, “equal rights” etc. By 1950 the Jew had lied and bamboozled his way into every important Western university and academic field, and even into the UN (in fact, a Jew, Leo Pasvolsky, created the UN!). The Jew had defeated the White man with intellectual “equality” horseshit, and not by using physical force.

Today, Jewish intellectual bullshit rules the world: “racism!” “anti-Semitism!” “human equality!” “international human rights!” “transgender rights!” “sexism!” “White privilege!” “White male patriarchy!” and other nonsense. The White man — always very concerned about fair play — ate up the Jewish intellectual bullshit like a fat kid eats up candy.”

[Rockwell Manifesto; a .PDF file].

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