3 May, 2021

Race and Welfare in the United States

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by Jerry Abbott.

“Public assistance, or welfare programs, are a systematic looting from the better races, in order to subsidize the lives of members of inferior races.”

(There are so many federal government welfare programs that aid Blacks and Browns that the number would boggle your mind. Here are just a few: food stamps (called SNAP), welfare payments, public housing, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Section 8 rent subsidies/HUD houses, various free medical services, The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), Transitional Cash and Medical Services for Refugees, School Breakfast Program, Social Services Block Grants, Federal Pell Grants, Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Weatherization Assistance Program, Community Development Block Grants, Maternal and Child Health Block Grants, and on and on. Guess what, Whitey? Your tax dollars pay for all of that! And to think: Blacks have the nerve to riot in our cities every month, while, at the same time, we pay for all of that stuff for their benefit! The utter nerve they have. We help the Blacks and they burn the cities down. What gall, what chutzpah they have. “White privilege”?? Ha! The Blacks have so much “Black privilege” that the average Black need not work at all during his entire lifetime!).


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