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28 March, 2022

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Two from Jerry Abbott: [Article] and [Article].

7 October, 2021

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by Jerry Abbott. “I oppose changing the name of the James Webb Space Telescope to anything else. This is a “woke” political move, and if it is successful it will only feed a Marxist beast that is best left to starve. It’s an out-growth of cancel culture. Giving this beast what it wanted is what […]

9 June, 2021

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by Jerry Abbott. “The races of mankind differ in average intelligence, and IQ is a numerical index of intelligence. Western Civilization, built by white people of European descent, is the world’s first civilization based upon high technology. It is the civilization that first developed the use of electric power. It is the civilization that first […]

3 May, 2021

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by Jerry Abbott. “Public assistance, or welfare programs, are a systematic looting from the better races, in order to subsidize the lives of members of inferior races.” (There are so many federal government welfare programs that aid Blacks and Browns that the number would boggle your mind. Here are just a few: food stamps (called […]

4 February, 2021

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“Concerning a RamzPaul video: This is a false portrayal of the dark matter vs modified gravity theory controversy. No scientist is saying that the universe is wrong, as that would be equivalent to saying the the truth is false. Scientists don’t know for certain why the stars in the spiral arms of galaxies orbit the […]

8 November, 2020

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“We knew that the Democrats would cheat, but we didn’t know that they would dare cheat as spectacularly as they did overnight. The Democratic Party’s various organizations have counted hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes in several key states. Democrat state governors are complicit in the fraud by calling a halt in the vote counting […]

4 November, 2020

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“Greenwald made two mistakes when he founded The Intercept. First, he failed to ensure that his editorial staff was ideologically diversified. He hired only leftists like himself, in complete disregard of the fact that most leftists are, unlike himself, morally deficient where such things as honesty and keeping promises are concerned.” [Article].

7 September, 2020

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[Article] and [Article].

9 August, 2020

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“Justice requires equality before the law, which is an instance of equality of opportunity. It isn’t an equality of outcome. Opportunity is justly offered to all on equal terms. That doesn’t mean that everyone will be equally able to meet those terms. Some people will have more ability, more relevant merit, than other people do. […]

21 July, 2020

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“This universe barely tolerates life, and astronomical observations today suggest that intelligent life is very, very rare. If the universe is ever to become a place generally characterized by life, by civilization, rather than by sterility, then the white race is the race that is most likely to make it happen. If whites disappear from […]