5 May, 2021

White Finnish Politician Facing 6 years in Prison for Thought-Crimes Against Queers

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Queers: they have more rights and higher status than you do.

Cultural Marxism (CM) is trying to claim another victim: it seems that a White lady said some “bad-think” against homos [1]. Apparently, it’s a crime to insult fags in Finland. CM is even more dangerous than regular Marxism because it requires no guns or tanks to install it. Just a few teachers and a few books. And anyone can practice CM. Even children can practice it; did the kid next door say something about “Cisgender privilege” or “White male oppressors”? He’s practicing CM, the little creep! CM has no limits. And like regular Marxism, it must be fought tooth and nail, or it will take over the Western world — in fact, it nearly already has. Name a Western country where CM doesn’t exist. I can’t think of one.

“The Finnish Prosecutor General said that her statements were “derogatory and discriminatory against homosexuals,” and violated “their equality and dignity,” and that as a result, her comments would “overstep the boundaries of freedom of speech and religion and are likely to fuel intolerance, contempt and hatred.” (there’s that insidious word “equality” again. How are homosexuals “equal” to straight people?).



[1] CM = Marxism applied to culture instead of to economics; egalitarianism and White-hate applied to Western culture; Dr. Pierce called Marxism “a poisonous, anti-White creed”; see National Vanguard Books Catalogue #19, June 2000, page 33

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