17 June, 2021

Globalization: Another Take On It

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Globalization (or globalism) is defined here as: huge amounts of both humans and goods moving across international borders (and also, a general “one world/one people/no borders” attitude prevailing in the world [as opposed to the isolationism that existed in the world for decades]. This could also be called the “It’s a Small World” mentality. Two Jewish brothers wrote that song, by the way).

The Good Things About Globalization:

1. It will lower the prices of goods in the Western world, since there will be more economic competition in the retail sectors.

2. It will create a larger selection of goods for the Western consumer to choose from.

The Bad Things About Globalization:

1. It will de-Whiten the Western world (i.e., it will cause White genocide). The Western world cannot possibly absorb the many millions of non-White, Third World people flooding into it. As I noted previously, globalization is great for non-Whites but horrible for Whites.

2. It will lead to the destruction of human cultures. It will blend all of the world’s people into one soup of sameness, and will lead to the emergence of UNESCO’s Brown Man.

3. It will give the Third World more access to White technology and will thereby make Third World countries more successful and productive, leading to the “erasing” of obvious racial differences among humans. Why give non-Whites “a leg up”?

4. “Multinational corporations” will become extremely, dangerously powerful.

5. It already has caused the outsourcing of millions of Western jobs, and it kills small “mom and pop” retail stores.

6. It will lead to an increase in terrorism in the Western world.

7. It will spread more exotic diseases in the Western world (e.g., Covid-19).

8. Global organizations such as the UN, NATO and the WTO (World Trade Organization) will gain power.

9. It will increase poverty in some countries due to the destruction of certain industries that don’t use high technology.

10. It will lead to the likelihood of more wars, since it will produce more political tensions and more trade imbalances among the world’s nations.

It’s a no-brainer. The bad features of globalization far outweigh the good features. Globalization should be totally rejected by all White people.

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