21 June, 2021

Interesting Comment About the Future of Mankind

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Chris Langan is listed as the world’s smartest man.

What might he think about UNESCO’s Brown Man? (presumably, in the future, thanks to socialism and globalism, all humans will become the same: kinda Brown, dumb worker bees. Drones. Slaves).

Well, Langan doesn’t say “UNESCO’s Brown Man,” but, Langan says this about the possible future of humanity at the hands of the elites:

“Subscribing to an outworn idea called “Social Darwinism”, they simply assume that everyone else, no matter how much better and how much smarter one may be, is inferior and expendable and should be either culled or sterilized, or downbred, deracinated, and melted into a vast mocha-colored slave race for elite convenience.” [1].

Interesting. More [Here].


[1] quoting the web: “Mocha is a medium-brown color”

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