1 June, 2021

The UN Circa 1952

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“U.S. News and World Report estimated that as many as “50% of 1,300 policy-level staff members of the U.N. were either Communists or willing to follow Communist directions.

Lord Beaverbrook pointed to the peculiarity of our UN membership: “You Americans are a strange contradiction. You spend huge sums of money fighting the fifth column in your country but at the same time, down on the East Side of New York, and partly with money given by the Rockefellers, you have erected the biggest fifth-column headquarters in the world — the UN . It is filled with men who wish to subvert the government of the United States. Yet you pay out your good money (and Great Britain does too) to bring these people into your midst. Why a great nation like the United States bothers to belong to such a monstrous organization, why any great nation would care to join – is more than I can honestly comprehend.”

(The UN building [completed in 1952] sits in Manhattan, NYC on 18 acres of land purchased from Jewish real-estate developer William Zeckendorf, Sr. How appropriate!).

— From the book “In the Presence of Our Enemies: A History of The Malignant Effects in American Schools of the UN’s UNESCO and Its Transformation of American Society From The Lips of Those Who Did It” by Ellen McClay, 2008, page 185.

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