12 June, 2021

What Communism? Where?

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Communism: not only is it fake, even the name of it is fake.

There is no such thing as communism, since no state has ever reached the final (second) stage of “communism,” where the state “withers away” [1]. Therefore, there remains in the world only varying types of failed Jewish socialism [2]. Calling it “communism” is being far too kind, since you’re suggesting, by using that word, that it has worked, somewhere: that the citizens of an entire country lived together communally, in harmony, after the state vanished, sharing everything, without any government supervision or government rule from above. But that hasn’t happened. Ever. Communism has never “happened” or “worked.” No state has “withered away.” State governments change form, leaders come and go, but states don’t “wither away.” They usually become more and more powerful, in fact.

“Communism” is one giant lie (yet communist professors teach in Western universities!). Communism claims to treat everyone equally but it never does. In Cuba, do they treat people equally? Nope. In fact, the government will lessen your food rations if you don’t worship the regime hard enough. Or, in the old Soviet Union? Nope. No communist government has ever treated the people equally. Look at Fidel Castro: he was very wealthy, and so were his staffers. They enjoyed various special privileges. But the poor citizens had to stand in long lines for hours to buy loaves of stale bread. Sometimes they couldn’t even get bread due to shortages.


[1] communism is a two-part event: first comes socialism, and then, “the state withering away” which is said to be the beginning of communism.

“The interference of the state power in social relations becomes superfluous in one sphere after another, and then ceases of itself…The state is not “abolished”, it withers away.” — Friedrich Engels.

[2] I like to call the founders of international Jewish socialism “The Four Horsejews of the Apocalypse” since all, or most, leftism flows from them: Karl Marx (communism), Moses Hess (socialism), Eduard Bernstein (socialism) and Ferdinand Lassalle (socialism)

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