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16 March, 2022

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I don’t think I ever really saw Jewish chutzpah until I read this quote, from the Jewish Frankfurt School teachers Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno: they say that their goal when writing the ridiculous word-salad “Dialectic of Enlightenment” (1947) was to explain “why humanity, instead of entering a truly human state, is sinking into a […]

2 February, 2022

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “Karl Marx, the oily Jew who radicalized millions of other Jews and caused a staggering amount of death and suffering in the world, was really a racist and anti-Semite and he was just like Hitler, only he had a beard.” So, instead of us White people becoming anti-Semites […]

6 December, 2021

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Someone asked on the TV: Is Christianity a form of socialism? It’s not “socialism as we know it today” [1]. Perhaps parts of it are socialistic (e.g., “international egalitarianism”). But Christianity is spiritual. Socialism isn’t. What about Robespierre, circa 1792? Was he the first socialist dictator? Probably, but he was local (in France). Socialism is […]

14 November, 2021

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The nature of all forms of leftism is this: “We leftists proclaim that human nature — which has existed for many thousands of years — no longer exists. We have replaced human nature with Jewish Marxism and Jewish leftist socialism” (which are usually offered up as various political “theories” e.g., “feminist theory” and “transgender theory”; […]

18 October, 2021

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No, a foolish green Marxism law won’t help the state, because liberalism is a weapon. Like socialism (which is less revolutionary) and communism (which is more revolutionary), leftism is a weapon against White Western culture. A weapon against Normal White People. Expecting liberalism to help your state is like expecting poison to improve your health. […]

1 September, 2021

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This is Reed’s second essay about the Jews being not-bad-people. Maybe he should get out more often. Name a bad thing, in the entire world, and the odds are good that the Jews were/are behind it, e.g., communism and socialism [1]. “The perennial insistence that Jews are out to destroy white Christian civilization runs into […]

2 July, 2021

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You knew that international socialism was founded by Jews (Moses Hess, Eduard Bernstein, Ferdinand Lassalle). Well, there was another Jewish founder of socialism who I had never heard of until today: Aaron Shmuel Lieberman (born 1848, Russia; died by suicide, 1880, New York State; later known as Arthur Freeman). He was roughly the same age […]

12 June, 2021

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Communism: not only is it fake, even the name of it is fake. There is no such thing as communism, since no state has ever reached the final (second) stage of “communism,” where the state “withers away” [1]. Therefore, there remains in the world only varying types of failed Jewish socialism [2]. Calling it “communism” […]

2 December, 2020

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(An alternate version of a prior post) Here are the four Jews who wrecked the White Western world from circa 1840-onward via their poisonous political ideologies (i.e., communism and socialism). This is not conjecture, this is historical fact. (Note: “socialism” here does not refer to National Socialism, which is a different ideology). Above: Karl Marx […]

11 October, 2020

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Seen on the web: a Jewish man describing himself as a “democratic socialist.” So, he wants the government to control everything, but yet, he wants the people to vote on that idea first! How can the people vote on it, if the government is truly socialist and all-controlling (e.g., Venezuela; Hugo Chavez was called a […]