2 December, 2020

(Re-Post) It Only Took Four Jews to Destroy a World

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(An alternate version of a prior post)

Here are the four Jews who wrecked the White Western world from circa 1840-onward via their poisonous political ideologies (i.e., communism and socialism). This is not conjecture, this is historical fact. (Note: “socialism” here does not refer to National Socialism, which is a different ideology).

Above: Karl Marx (1818-1883) (The founder of communism, a.k.a. Marxism; note that communism is basically a two-part ideology: Part 1 is socialism and Part 2 is communism; but it’s a moot point because “true communism” [i.e., the state vanishing] has never happened in history and indeed it cannot happen. States don’t “wither away”; Marx created this poisonous ideology as a weapon against the White world, hoping it would spread to England and destroy it, but it didn’t: communism instead traveled East to Russia and China; but how ironic that Cultural Marxism is now doing what regular [economic] Marxism couldn’t do! Destroying England! And America, France, Germany and the rest of the West! Cultural Marxism is a much better weapon than regular Marxism. It requires no guns, tanks or bombs to install it into a country. No revolution. Just TVs, movies and books!)

Above: Moses Hess (1812-1875) (A founder of socialism; he is often called a “true socialist”; Hess can also be called “The Marx before Marx” since he influenced Marx and Friedrich Engels; the significant difference between Marx and Hess was that Marx believed in violent class conflict and revolution, but Hess didn’t)

Above: Eduard Bernstein (1850-1932) (A founder of socialism)

Above: Ferdinand Lassalle (1825-1864) (A founder of socialism)

It only took four Jews to destroy a world that Whites began building in ancient Greece circa 700 BC.

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