14 November, 2021

Leftism: The Nugget and Nature of It

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The nature of all forms of leftism is this:

“We leftists proclaim that human nature — which has existed for many thousands of years — no longer exists. We have replaced human nature with Jewish Marxism and Jewish leftist socialism” (which are usually offered up as various political “theories” e.g., “feminist theory” and “transgender theory”; not facts, mind you, just Jewish “theories”) [1].

That elimination of human nature is a recipe for disaster in so many ways; that leads to totalitarianism, mass murder and genocide, property theft, etc. Indeed, we saw the results of that in the Soviet Union from 1917-1953, and we see the results in Cuba today.

Additionally, Jewish leftist socialism is historically cruel: e.g., look at what the leftists did in Spain circa 1936: they raped and murdered nuns and priests, and they then converted their churches into brothels [2]. Even rightists — who often disliked Christianity because it’s Jewish at its core — didn’t do such outrageous things. And look at the Covid-19 lockdowns in the USA today: liberal states love them, while conservative states avoid them. Leftism is cruelty and unnatural behavior.


[1] the Jewish founders of communism and socialism included: Karl Marx (communism), Eduard Bernstein (socialism), Ferdinand Lassalle (socialism) and Moses Hess (socialism).

[2] roughly 6,800 Catholic priests were murdered by “tolerant” leftists in Spain circa 1936. You can’t top leftists for cruelty.

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