1 September, 2021

Uh-Oh, Fred Reed Is At It Again

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This is Reed’s second essay about the Jews being not-bad-people. Maybe he should get out more often. Name a bad thing, in the entire world, and the odds are good that the Jews were/are behind it, e.g., communism and socialism [1].

“The perennial insistence that Jews are out to destroy white Christian civilization runs into the awkward facts that Jews are usually white and that Christianity is their invention. Uberpatriots make invidious comparisons between Christian virtues and the dark morals and failings of other races and tribes, but…wait…didn’t Jews write the Bible?” (“Jews are usually White”? No, Fred. Having “white” skin doesn’t make you genetically White. If it did, Michael Jackson would have been a European. But he wasn’t. He was Black. As for the Bible, yes, Jews wrote the Old Testament, unfortunately for White people).



[1] a Jew (Karl Marx) founded communism. Three Jews (Moses Hess, Eduard Bernstein and Ferdinand Lassalle) founded socialism. When I say “Jews,” I mean genetically, not religiously. Jews are an ethnic group and also a religion.

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    1. Winston Herr Wolf Says:

      Red Feed? He likes the bean dip down in Panchostan! He is probably cashing his mommygov pension check on the FOTM. (First Of The Month)
      A trap for those dumb white cvnts who watched the Cosby Show and Oprah and think that they have some imaginary moon cricket friends, ask them if being a racist is worse than being a pederast.
      There was something wayciss at the Sak-N-Sav, Devo-Whip it Good was playing over the PA! Be so wayciss!