14 June, 2021

What We Can Learn From the Pushback Against CRT

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Cultural Marxism (such as Critical Race Theory, aka CRT) has been around for awhile. But few White people complained about it until recently [1].

However, when CRT began being used in the grade schools on children as young as 5 years old, White parents began fighting back against CRT. They didn’t like teachers attacking their kids by calling them “evil racists” and “White oppressors.” How can a 5-year-old be an “oppressor”? CRT is a form of child abuse.

We can learn from that pushback against CRT: White people fight back when their kids are under attack, or, if they think their kids are under attack. Same thing.

(Newbies, here’s an important take-away about CRT: it should not even exist, because Blacks and Browns should not even be here in America. The United States of America, founded by 118 White men beginning in 1776, is a White republic founded on White laws, values, traditions and beliefs [2]. Period. Yes, we brought Blacks to America as slaves and that was a horrible idea. We should have realized that that idea would, sooner or later, come back to bite us in the ass, and it did. CRT, Affirmative Action, Cultural Marxism, all the bullshit “theories” — none of them should even exist because America is a White Western country, and Blacks/Browns are not “White Western.” CRT, etc. is all just hot air [dangerous hot air] spewing out of the mouths of leftists and Marxists).

“All this is happening because the base is fighting back. Parents in safely Democratic Loudoun County, VA, are fighting tooth and nail against a new school “equity” plan that would teach white kids to hate themselves and demonize America’s past.”



[1] Cultural Marxism came about due to “regular” Marxists realizing that regular Marxism wasn’t going to wreck the West as planned. It wasn’t taking root. Few people were embracing it. So, regular Marxism was tweaked and fine-tuned and the end result was Cultural Marxism, which is 10 times more deadly than regular Marxism because it’s much more palatable, much easier to swallow. Both regular and Cultural Marxism are Jewish-founded ideologies, and so is left-wing socialism. In fact, modern leftism can be called “a Jewish construct.”

[2] 118 White men created the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution.

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