12 July, 2021

Capitalism Goes From Conservative to Woke, Like Everything Else

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“Yaaay, capitalism!”?? Nope. It’s been ruined like everything else in the West. Any entity that isn’t overtly and staunchly right-wing will sooner or later turn Left. In just a few decades, capitalism turned red, rojos, Marxist (or nearly so). Everything is going Left. Soon my dog will be marching in the streets, making silly demands and spouting Lenin.

Well, now we know where a good amount of “woke capitalist” ideology came from: the World Economic Forum [1]. This late 2019 declaration was “written by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.” It reads in part: “(A woke company) continuously expands the frontiers of knowledge, innovation and technology to improve people‚Äôs well-being.” How does supporting trannies and Black thugs “improve people’s well-being”? Some people have said that Schwab is a Jew. Others say no. Anybody have good evidence one way or the other? If nothing else he’s a wealthy globalist and an egalitarian, and that’s bad enough.


[1] newbies: “woke” here means “big corporations embracing and supporting Black radicals, queers, trannies, etc.”

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