10 August, 2021

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“The Naked Communist” (1958/updated 1972); an overview of Marxism, by Willard Cleon Skousen (1913-2006. He was first a Mormon missionary, then a lawyer, then an FBI agent, back when agents were honest and wholesome circa the 1950s).

Communism/Marxism: never has such a shitty, deadly thing been so loved by so many assholes (I would call communism an “ideology” but it isn’t. It’s a Jewish weapon against White Western culture and was designed to destroy it. Regular Marxism failed to kill the West, but Cultural Marxism is doing it perfectly, right now, today!).

The communists were and are wrong about everything, of course: economics, history, human nature, that hangy-ball thing in the backs of peoples’ throats. Heh-heh. Yet, there are Marxist professors teaching at Berkeley right now! Insane! Communism attracts idiots like trash cans attract flies. Some fools still haven’t figured out that communism has never “worked” anywhere, under any conditions. Even Cuba couldn’t make it “work” and they’re a small island! They can control every tiny thing! As soon as the Soviet aid ended, Castro knew it was all over but the cryin’. (Castro was the biggest fool in history. Cuban rum alone was worth billions of dollars, ditto sugar cane and molasses, but he destroyed them all, and now the Cuban people are eating rats to survive).

This is a good, well-researched book about the history of communism [1]. It has sold about 2 million copies.

[Book, 448 pages; a .PDF file].


[1] Most appalling of all about communism is the shocking murder rate of it, i.e., communism has killed 100 million innocent (keyword) people since 1917 and it isn’t done yet. Contrast that to Nazism, in which victims of Nazism usually weren’t innocent, i.e., most were radicals; furthermore, Nazism was merely a reaction to Bolshevism

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