21 August, 2021

Queer Science vs. Normal Science

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The very idea that, if you are a queer, you will “do science” differently! (Although, granted, the homosexual brain is different from the heterosexual brain).

Note in the video, beginning at about the 105 minute mark, the mention of “male and female” being social constructions (constructs). Here we go again with the postmodernism! Remember, postmodernism is Alice In Wonderland crap! It denies reality. It says: “if you believe it, it’s true, because all humans have different realities” [1]. Yeah, okay, suuuure. That’s like saying, “if you believe you’re a dog, then you’re a dog.” Bullshit.

White science is right and genuine. How do we know that? Because good science can be replicated again and again. All of White science has been proven, again and again, to be a fact: each time you test for “x” or “y” and you get the same results, that’s real science at work [2]. So of course, White hetero science is legit. What isn’t legit is queers coming along and throwing a wrench into the White hetero scientific machinery just because they are angry about having been born queer and are feeling left out. Well, hey, it’s not our fault that you were born queer. That’s biology. Deal with it. How? Let’s see: move to San Franqueersco so that you can “better fit in.” Prance around in pink. Develop a pronounced lisp. Say “ohhh, that’s just darling!” every 4 minutes. Oh, and hand on your hip when you walk. Well, not walk, but swish…

[Video, 1 hour, 43 minutes].

A related video: [Here].


[1] Social constructionism is part of postmodernism, which is a dangerous fraud. The four most important people in the creation of social constructionism are all Jews: Edmund Husserl, Max Scheler, Alfred Schutz and Peter L. Berger (who was a convert to Christianity).

[2] reproducibility and replicability

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    1. Elvis Hitler Says:

      Homo societies always get wiped out because it is an affront against Cosmic Law.
      Once a society goes full rump ranger then it forfeits any right to a future.