19 August, 2021

The Latest Thought-Crime in America: Vax-Denial

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Media Girl #1: “Oh, my god! He questioned the validity of the vax!”

Media Girl #2: “Nobody questions the vax! Nobody! That’s like questioning Saint Fauci himself!”

Media Girl #3: “That’s vax-denial! Denying that the vax is legitimate! It’s like Holocaust denial but not quite as bad since the Holocaust killed 176 million people and the vax-deniers have only killed 53 million people — so far, anyway!”

Media Girl #4: “There should be a federal law against vax-denial! Deniers should get life in prison!”

Media Homo #1: “Brett Favre is soooo handsome! Too bad he’s a vax-denier, or I’d send him some roses!” (*swoon*) (*blushes*).

“CNN Shocked When NFL Legend Brett Favre Expresses Skepticism Toward COVID Vaccines”


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