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14 May, 2021

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Suddenly, in late 1973, the media said: “The energy crisis! The energy crisis! There will be no more oil available! Or gas! We’re all doomed!” the media said every day. Yes, every day. People were panicking. “How am I gonna get to work if there is no gas??” people would ask. Six months later: sudden […]

13 May, 2021

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So, the biggest deadly threat to America isn’t death by car accidents (which are in the thousands per year), falls (in the thousands per year), death by medical errors (thousands), death by swimming pool accidents (hundreds), assault by negro and Mexican criminals (hundreds, maybe thousands), death by spousal abuse (hundreds), death by cold weather (hundreds). […]

12 May, 2021

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Liberals are losing an enormous amount of power. Believe it or not. Their support base is getting weaker and weaker. If this trend keeps up, they won’t have much power in 10 years. Part of that is because nobody watches, or believes, mainstream TV news anymore (that was their power base for decades). [Video about […]

10 May, 2021

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There are lots of conspiracy theories around. But here’s a real one. This article is from December, but some people may have missed it: it’s about a genuine, global conspiracy to shape “news” and information about Covid-19. What will be said about it, what won’t be said about it, etc. So much for “democracy” and […]

11 April, 2021

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Blacks: children in adult bodies. Just like liberals. And to think, before WWII, the key tenets of journalism were objectivity, truth and fairness [1]. They taught those things in journalism school. But after WWII the media lies came fast and thick, especially lies about race and IQ. “Thus, Blacks’ personalities, as well as their lower […]

7 March, 2021

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They’ve got 4 layers of fences with barbed wire on top around the courthouse in Minneapolis! It would have been a lot easier to move the trial upstate (see below). The Hulking Black Ex-Convict, George Floyd, was caught on audio and video saying roughly “Mama! Mama! I can’t breathe!” a full five minutes before the […]

25 February, 2021

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Seen: a White man in a restaurant who was wearing large ear gauges, which were round and 2-inches across. His ear-lobes will never be normal again. An example of large ear gauges in Africa: [Photo here]. How do you know when your society is sick and unhealthy, and on the verge of collapse? It adopts […]

10 January, 2021

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Dorothy: “Black saints come and go so quickly here! Right, Toto?” Toto: “Arf!” (That means yes). In mid-2020, all we heard about, 24/7, was George Floyd, the kind, sweet, gentle, innocent, poetry-reading negro ex-con drug addict who ODed while in Minneapolis police custody on May 25, 2020. His death was called a “murder” by the […]

9 January, 2021

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Paul Harvey, a radio segment titled “A Cure for Prosperity” (1987). “Ronald Reagan is an evil war-monger who hates poor people and who will get us into a war with Russia any day now! And he’s destroying the economy!” yelled the media in the 1980s. It wasn’t true, of course. It was all lies. Since […]

29 November, 2020

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Curiously, I say, curiously, 2016 was the same year that…wait for it…Donald Trump was elected president! Must be just a Cohencidence, huh? (It must also be just a Cohencidence that 90% of the big media bosses are Jewish, and Jews are famous for hating and fearing Trump, huh? Yeah, that’s all it is. Just happenstance. […]